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The Labour Code 1994

Chapter III - Apprenticeship

Article 20

1. Everyone has the right to freely choose vocational and apprenticeship places suitable for their employment needs.

2. Enterprises, organizations and individuals are eligible under the law is open vocational training institutions.

Government issued regulations on the opening of vocational training institutions.

Article 21

1. Job-training establishments must be registered and operating under the provisions of vocational training, is collect fees and taxes payable under the provisions of law.

2. Vocational training centers for war invalids, sick soldiers, the disabled, ethnic minorities or in places where many people lack jobs, loss of employment, vocational training institutions traditionally at workshop, at a reduced exemption.

Article 22

Apprentices in vocational training institutions must be at least 13 years old, except for some occupations by the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs regulations and must meet health requirements with the requirements of the vocational school.

Article 23

1. The enterprise is responsible organizations to enhance the professional skills for workers and retraining before moving workers to other jobs within the enterprise.

2. Enterprises hiring trainees and apprentices to work in enterprises under the term contract commitments in apprenticeship, apprentices shall not be registered and may not charge fees. Apprenticeship, apprentices shall be included in their seniority in the enterprise. During the apprenticeship, apprenticeship, if direct or participate in making products for the enterprise, the apprenticeship, apprentices are paid according to the agreement by both parties.

Article 24

1. The vocational training apprenticeship contract must be written or oral between apprentices with vocational training or vocational training institutions representatives. If apprenticeship contracts signed in writing, must be made in two copies, each party keeps one copy.

2. The main contents of apprenticeship contracts must include targeted training, venue, fees, duration of study, the level of compensation for breach of contract.

3. Where an enterprise recruits trainees to use the apprenticeship contract must be committed to working time limits for businesses and ensure labor contracts signed after completing their education. Apprentices after completing their education, if not work as committed, they must compensate for the training costs.

4. In the event of termination of apprenticeship contracts ahead of time for reasons of force majeure shall not be compensated.

Article 25

Prohibit all enterprises, organizations and individuals taking advantage of apprenticeship and training for profit, labor exploitation or enticement, coercion apprentices, apprentices into illegal activities. 

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