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The Labour Code 1994

Chapter VI - Wages

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Chapter V - collective labor agreement

Article 44 1. A collective labor agreement (hereinafter referred to as the collective agreement) is a written agreement between the labor collective and the employer about the working conditions and employment, rights and obligations of both ...

Chapter IV - The labor contract

Article 26 The labor contract is an agreement between the employee and the employer have paid employment, working conditions, rights and obligations of each party in labor relations. Article 27 1. The labor contract must be made in one of the ...

Chapter III - Apprenticeship

Article 20 1. Everyone has the right to freely choose vocational and apprenticeship places suitable for their employment needs. 2. Enterprises, organizations and individuals are eligible under the law is open vocational training ...

Chapter II - Employment

Article 13 All labor activities generate income, not prohibited by law are recognized as work. To create jobs, to ensure that all employees who are likely to have the opportunity to have a job is the responsibility of the State, enterprises and ...

Chapter I - General Provisions

President Republic of socialist Vietnam Pursuant to Article 103 and 106 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1992; Pursuant to Article 78 of the Law on the Organization of Congress. Proclaims this Labor Code of the ...