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Regulations on shifts in diet between state companies

question :

Every month the company (the state) has paid for our mid-shift meals included in the salary. But recently, when I leave in the company to cut this amount. Like how to deal with it?

reply :

Section III of the Circular No. 22/2008 / TT-MOLISA Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs, issued October 15, 2008, guiding the implementation of shift in diet companies state regulations:

1. Eat the actual working days, including weekends and overtime (working enough hours in the day standards selected by the company, but must not exceed 8 hours / days as stipulated in Clause 1, Article 3, Chapter II Decree No. 195 / CP of December 31, 1994 of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the Labour Code on working time, rest time);

2. The date does not work, including holidays sickness, maternity, leave, leave without pay shall not eat between shifts and not getting paid.

3. The working days are not enough standards of working hours (less than 50% of the regular time), then do not eat between shifts;

4. In addition to the above principles, the company may provide for other additional rules as it deems beneficial to the improvement of the individual responsible for the efficiency of production and business of the company.

5. For those companies producing, trading difficulty can not take costs into the prices of mid-shift meal or business expenses, the company must find measures to reduce other costs to organize food sources between ca. In cases where companies have to find ways and means to save other costs but still not enough, the company's director of exchange, agreed with the union executive committee temporary basis unrealized between shifts according to diet provisions in this Circular.

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